EIC Innovation Grant first is signed

The process to sign the 2,5 MEUR EIC Grant is now done. EIC and ZIGRID signed the contract early December 2023. The project starts March 1st 2024.

Now when the Grant is signed, ZIGRID can accelerate.

The main activities for ZIGRID the coming two years are:

šŸ‘‰ we will grow our company with new colleagues and competencies
šŸ‘‰ we will finalise the development of our power module
šŸ‘‰ we will test and fine-tune our ZIGRID-as-a-Service business model
šŸ‘‰ our 6-months long pilot will prove our technology
šŸ‘‰ we will prepare for production and market launch

EIC decided for ‘Grant first’, which means that ZIGRID also have an option for an equity part. Here, EIC may choose to activate the option to also invest in ZIGRID. This will be evaluated as milestones are reached.

So keep an eye open for Team ZIGRID, we expect to have a lot to tell while we ‘Shift Waste Heat from Problem to Power’.